Ruthy Tanenbaum R.N.C.P., N.N.C.P

I’m often asked what do nutritionists do or what does ‘holistic’ mean? A holistic nutritionist takes the body as a whole rather than broken down into parts. For instance, we don’t associate hypothyroidism solely with the thyroid. We recognize the body as a system whereby the thyroid works in conjunction with the adrenals, the pituitary, and the hypothalamus Western medicine is quick to cut us into parts whereas holistic nutritionists are focused on treating the body as a whole. We believe that there are no ‘magic pills’ and that optimal health depends not only on what you put in your mouth, but what you put in your brain as well. A healthy lifestyle depends on good food, good relationships, the right amount of exercise (meaning – not too much!), a connection to the universe and the Creator, and a self respect. It is through all these things that we are able to reach optimal health, but the journey to ‘optimal health’ is different for all of us. Holistic nutritionists understand that each of us is bio-chemically unique – that the diet and supplements that work best for me may very well not work for you, or the person sitting next to you. We work with our clients through assessment, personal medical history, data collection, and scientific research to find your individualized menu and lifestyle plan. I look forward to sharing my holistic knowledge with the followers of RT Nutrition over the coming months. Look forward to my articles on weight loss, libido (for guys and gals), infant and toddler nutrition, vaccinations, and much more! If it goes through a factory before it gets to your plate, don’t eat it!