As a holistic nutritionist we deal with the whole of a person; mind, body and soul. We offer alternative to the health care system focusing on micronutrients. With a whole system body interaction, we seek to the root cause of disease focusing on lifestyle and external stress.
We most strongly believe that poor digestion and elimination are at the core of every symptom; disease always starts in the gut. We strengthen the immune system and prevent disease through healthy digestion. The foundation of good health includes eating foods that agree with us. Becoming more balanced emotionally, along with correct supplementation, in dosages to balance our unique biochemical individuality.
The biological approach treats each individual is a whole person with unique needs. Just as each one of us has a unique face, body and personality, so too do we have a unique biochemistry. For example, one person may require larger amounts of proteins, fats or carbohydrate. When is comes to food, one persons pleasure is another one’s poison.
Foods such as tomatoes, bread, milk or eggs may or may not be healthy for you depending on how your body deals with them.
Yes, this takes a lot of work and commitment and the reward will be amazing. We have only one body.